Early diagnosis offers the best hope of life and sight saving care for children with eye cancer.  Join our annual life- and sight-saving awareness and action campaigns.

The Challenge

300,000 children develop cancer every year worldwide.
90% have advanced (stage 3 or 4) cancer due to poor awareness.  4 in 5 die within five years of diagnosis.

Globally, cancer is the #1 killer of children below 15 years.  In developing countries, it is the #2 killer of children aged 1-15 years. 

90% of children with cancer live in less economically developed countries, where access to expert medical care is limited. They receive less than 5% of global childhood cancer funds.

96% of children with retinoblastoma are cured in developed countries, but many lose one or both eyes due to late diagnosis.  When their eyes are saved, most children suffer severe loos of vision.

Global retinoblastoma survival is less than 20%.  Children die from cancer that spreads beyond the eye due to delayed diagnosis and incomplete medical care.


World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week
Date: From 2nd Sunday in May for 7 days.
Focus: Achieving early diagnosis through awareness

“A white pupil In a child’s eye could be a sign of cancer - early diagnosis saves lives and sight!”  During the weeklong campaign, we target the general public, photographic industry and primary health workers with this simple message.  We invite organisations, families, survivors and treatment centres to join with us in raising awareness worldwide.

World Child Cancer Day
Date: February 15th
Focus: Families helping families.

This annual event is led by the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations (ICCCPO), a network of parent-run charities in more than 75 countries.  In addition to raising awareness of childhood cancer worldwide, ICCCPO encourages families to host a fundraiser to benefit children with cancer in the developing world.  

Gold Ribbon (Childhood Cancer) Month
Date: Throughout September
Focus: Raising awareness of childhood cancer issues, and support for them.

Gold Ribbon Month is celebrated in many countries, including England (from 2011), Canada and Kenya.  Activities raise awareness of childhood cancer and the gold ribbon, and raise funds to advance research and family support programs.

By being a part of these global efforts, you bring hope of earlier cancer diagnosis and better care to children and their families worldwide.  We invite you to support our campaigns in your workplace, school, place of worship or community group to help us bring awareness to as many people as possible.
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A painting created at an Art For Eyes event in the Philippines during World Rb Awareness Week in 2009
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